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Lost - Fine Line
Title: Lost
Pairing: Draco/Ron
Warnings: No.
Word Count: 276
Summary: Draco remembers a certain someone.
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He sat all alone in the silence that carried through the extravagant sitting room he stared out the window. Such sadness filled him, such emptiness. Things began to fade: colour, desire, and life. He couldn’t stand it. He watched the trees sway in the wind and decided he’d very much like to be tree in the summer heat.

He always lost track of time when he searched his private grounds. His eyes would harden and his face would sober.  On a day such as this, sun blazing, cool breeze blowing, animals lumbering about, he wished it were night. He rather enjoyed the stars. Although, he found it frustrating he couldn’t have the stars to himself.

Two things had only ever managed to elude his money and power: the stars and Ronald Weasley.

The boy that wasn’t unique, the one who had a million look a likes. The boy whose family was disgustingly poor, who wore heinous robes, who ate like a sow, who couldn’t obtain manners no matter how hard one would drill.
The boy with thick hair that raged, like his tempter. The one who has enough moronic courage to fill too many life spans. The one who’s passion drowned the room with a single sweep of his eyes.  The one who haunted him,

Often he would remember the days of old, when he was young and beyond foolish. He longed for those gentle days. But present turned to past, he could never get the chance. And without this hope, things lost their worth – money lost its worth.

He swore he was cracked.
He cracked for Ronald Weasley.

Where had his life ran off to?

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