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Delirious Soldier - Fine Line
Delirious Soldier
Title: Delirious Soldier
Pairing: Hermione/Lupin
Rating: PG
Warning: Adult/Child
Word Count: 254
Summary: She watched him for a while; a sad smile fell over her soft lips.
Posted in: quills_inkstain and hpshippersunite

She watched him for a while; a sad smile fell over her soft lips. He noticed most of the things that she did, he couldn’t do much else as he lay in an impeccable white bed with pristine white walls. His body ached and he was sure he could feel Death’s breath.

He heard their whispering, their talk of his diminishing health and increasing fever – not that he needed them to point it out to him, he could have guessed for himself. He shared a smile with the girl, it wasn’t happy. He let his eyes be critical, she wasn’t beautiful. Her hair was it’s own element, large and in charge. Her cheeks were soft, round and flushed and her teeth were a little bigger than most. But she was something else.

He couldn’t quite breathe right, his vision was a haze, he was coughing and sweating, he couldn’t string two thoughts together and everything seems to happen in an instant. But he felt an easy calm.

“Professor,” She whimpered and bent toward him, eyes wide and a hand immediately crushing his.  He wasn’t well, he figured as he lightly traced his fingers over her cheek, nose and lips. Her lips are where his vision stayed as he brushed his to hers. Its took great effort to be gentle.

She snapped upright, a bewildered expression and wild crimson flooding her face. His eyelids sagged and he couldn’t control the sleep that took him over.

She touched her lips with a frown, refusing to admit she hadn’t regretted the moment.

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